Simple Advice for Healthy & Mindful Eating

Have you been spending a bit too much time on the sofa lately? If you’re feeling lethargic and fatigued, it might well be attributed to lack of physical exercise and poor eating choices. Follow these simple suggestions for developing mindful eating habits from the professional nutritionists and you’ll soon be off with sofa feeling more energetic than ever.  All too often we embark on extreme exercise regimes and roller coaster diets.  Not only are these discouraging, quickly dismissed and rarely successful, they can be extremely demoralizing.

The two most positive steps you can take to embark on mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle are to eliminate fast food meals and sugary sodas from your diet and commit to walking, biking, owing, gardening or any gainful exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. Excessive sugar and sodium can cause a host of health problems including high blood pressure, mood & energy swings, weight gain and mild depression. Skin problems and digestive tract issues join the long list of ailments caused by copious amounts of sugar and sodium in the diet.

You don’t need to be a professional chef to enjoy simple, healthy meals. Shop on the perimeter of the grocery store and stock up on fresh vegetables, fruits protein and light dairy. Be mindful or portion sizes. Protein portions should be no larger than you fist and vegetable serving should be the size of your palm. Avoid selecting items that have been processed and contain multiple ingredients. These are likely chemicals and preservatives, large amounts of sodium, designed to increase shelf life and ostensibly taste. Grill a simple chicken breast, steam fresh carrots and corn. That is a very healthy meal. Avoid the temptation to add large amounts of butter and salt.  Lean meats and fresh fish should also work their way into your meals.  Snack on healthy fruits and nuts and forgo fat laden chips and ice cream. Treat yourself to the delicious strawberries available at 1800Flowers at a discount with Groupon coupons.

Within a few short weeks of regular exercise and mindful, healthy eating you’ll feel a new zest and increased motivation to continue your healthy lifestyle. Good luck on your journey!